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Learning Powers Assemble!

Assessment weeks over and the children in Class 6 have been putting everything into them. I shall be speaking with them individually so that they know where they need to focus their attention, then will share this with you at the next parent appointments, which you should have received a form for with this week’s newsletter.

I hope they have recovered from a very energetic Friday with the Daily Mile and all the sporting fun, even taking part in a French sport as well; thanks to Madame Twomey. Sadly, I could not join them but I think they did a much better job than I would.

Last week in maths we looked at measure. That all important life skill of being able to convert measure and also within measure word problems, can always prove to be problematic – hopefully not now! Of course it is not just metric but imperial to metric measure. Those who do have the revision cards, this is an area which can never have too much looking at.

Moving to English, we are really getting into our class novel ‘Holes’. Now approaching Chapter 10. We are really diving quite deeply into the text and finding that by doing this are improving our skills in: reading for enjoyment, writing and GPS. This week we have been understanding the characters more, alongside the underlying sub-plot, which runs parallel to the main story. Some of us have even started to predict a bit deeper by thinking about themes in which the author may have based his ideas on. We are even thinking about sending some of our predictions to him, which is very exciting.

The children had great fun with a very interactive science session with Mrs Springall. They were discussing and plotting on large models how water and nutrients travel around their bodies. Following on from that session, they started to discuss financial risks and why we earn money. This is part of our PSHE lessons. The children were discussing jobs and the importance of money – does it bring happiness?

This will have some connection with our Science Days this coming week, as we explore jobs in science. Lots of practical/investigative lessons being planned.

Our music session last week concentrated on improving our understanding of music terminology – in both English and Italian terms. We then carried out (little but complex) rhythm and pitch based exercises to become more confident in performing in front of each other. I do love hearing my class sing, as they produce a beautiful sound together.

We spent the last part of the week in History. Initially, we took time to see what our general understanding of ‘Crime and Punishment ‘was through the periods. This raised some great class based discussions. We then started to explore using our learning powers, what crimes and punishments were around in the Roman period. This was something that we had already been discussing within RE and could make connections and links to our learning.

I am sure that some children will select some of the grid home learning after seeing how intrigued they were. As a reminder, children you need to have completed 5 by the end of this term.

Just so you are aware, the children covered 100 spellings this week – 20 a day keeps the fear of spelling away! They all took it in their stride. Parents I sent home an exercise that was explained in class. This needs to be handed in by Tuesday please. It consists of one set of twenty spellings (covering a range of spelling rules) and the children are expected to have knowledge of the word class of the words, along with the spelling rule. From this they need to compose 20 complex sentences. Within this exercise, I shall be looking at the use of punctuation as well – especially capital letters and full stops!

See you all tomorrow, ready for another fun week ahead. Please do not worry I have some of your Home School Contact books with me.

Reminder: Parents if you have any empty 2 litre bottles then please can you send them in with your children as we need one for each child in Class 6 for a Science experiment - thanks. I have some but not enough. 

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