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Spring 1, Week 4

This week in Class One, we have been learning the story of Anansi and the turtle, a traditional tale from Africa! The story tells of a greedy spider called Anansi, who refuses to share his food with a hungry turtle. Later in the story, turtle gets his revenge by inviting Anansi to join him for an underwater meal, only for Anansi to float back up to the surface! The children loved the story and have been very busy writing their own versions, creating playdough spiders and turtles, investigating floating and sinking and writing speech bubbles for the different characters. If you would like to hear the story yourself, you can view it at: https://vimeo.com/4076703

In number work, we continued with our theme of halving numbers and had great fun sharing lots of toy food fairly with our friends. We talked about what ‘half’ meant and how when we cut a shape in half, both pieces have to be the same size to make it fair. The children are getting very good at sharing and dividing by 2 now so test us at home to see how good we are! Other things we have been up to this week include: using a giant slide of sandpaper, smooth rubber, wood and carpet to see which was the most slippery surface and which had the most friction, creating wanted posters to catch Anansi the spider, looking at toys from the 1990s and even playing with some (tamagotchis and he-man toys seemed to be the favourites!) and learning about style of music including bhangra, irish folk music and latin!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and enjou your weekend, from all of Class One.

Spring 1 Week 4
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