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Various blogs from St Ippolyts C.E. Primary School.

Autumn Week 7

Hi everyone, happy friday!

This week we've almost finished looking at persuasive writing by planning our letters to Mrs Peddie!

In Maths we have looked at mental addition and subtraction and began 3 digit numbers for year 3.

We had a lovely day on our Harvest Journey on Tuesday, thank you all for your donations! The children learnt about what a Harvest is in terms of crops and farms. 

Have a good weekend, 

Miss Gale

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Autumn 1, Weeks 6-7

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Class One! Last week saw the school take part in Wellbeing week where we thought about ways to keep us happy and healthy. We did lots of wellbeing activities including making our own jigsaw puzzle pieces which helped to make a whole school jigsaw, we designed our own Elmer the elephants when thinking about how we are all unique and we also thought about ways of staying healthy by eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

This week we took part in the Harvest Experience day on Tuesday which was such good fun! We started the day by looking at lots of different stations on the playground which taught us about different types of harvesting; harvesting of fields, gardens, oceans, grain and flock. Then in class, we did lots of activities linked to these ideas. Today we are bringing home our amazing ‘harvest of the Earth’ pots where we learnt about clay and rocks from underground and gave thanks for gifts from the Earth, We hope they come in useful for storing lots of trinkets around your homes!

In other learning, we have been continuing with our theme of ‘people who help us stay safe and healthy’. We have been learning about fire-fighters and hospital workers this week and the children have had great fun dressing up as doctors and conducting assessments on ‘poorly patients’! We have been thinking about what we might do in the event of an emergency and you can test us on this at home to see if we can remember the special emergency numbers we can ring (999 or 112) if we encounter an emergency. We have also been looking at X-ray images and bones and we loved having a visit from our school skeleton Mr Bony! We have been busy labelling his body parts with lots of post-it notes and have loved singing the ‘funny bones song’ which you can find at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MleP_40Bpg


We are now missing 4 of our class badges which are given out on a Friday (values, achievement and effort badges), Without these returned to us, we are unable to award them to new children each Friday which is obviously very sad for the children who have been chosen. If you are yet to return a badge to class, please can we have them back ASAP! Thank you!

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Autumn 1, Week 5

This week in Class One, we have been thinking all about people who help give us food. We thought about farmers in their fields harvesting all of the crops and we began to think a little about harvest time, ready for our Harvest whole-school activities in two weeks’ time. We also thought about our lovely school cook, Mrs Harrington Smith and we thought about how she has to make all of our dinners nice and healthy for us. We had great fun dressing up in her clothes and we also used paper plates, tissue paper and glue sticks to create our own healthy meals. We also had play tea parties and looked at some new foods such as asparagus, aubergines and how it’s good to try new things!

In PE we have been outside with Mr Smith taking part in lots of circuit training activities. We’ve been looking at throwing and catching, balancing and getting our heart rate up. We’ve also looked at the physical effects on our body when we are puffed out.
We have Lots of amazing sports people. Well done children.

In other news, we have been busy watching our playground leaves change on the playground over the last few weeks and we began to think about seasons and how we are in now autumn. On Thursday we took the children on a lovely autumn walk; the sunshine was shining for us as we searched for autumn leaves, conkers and other natural autumn objects in our local area. (The children even saw some Canadian Geese which they were very interested in!) Our autumn objects from the walk were put to good use today when we did some amazing autumn art work! We painted around leaves and conkers, made salt dough autumn objects and hedgehog pictures with spikes made of crunchy leaves, the children had great fun getting creative.

Reminders/ Other
Please could we ask you said your child in with just one piece of fruit/ vegetable at playtime please. Sadly we only have fifteen minutes for our morning play and we like them to have time to eat and go and play with their friends!

Have a great weekend everyone and see you on Monday!

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Class 3 Autumn Week 5

Hi everyone

Another busy week in our class! We've been developing our persuasvie techniques and pretending things in our class room have quit! I wonder if any of the children will try them out on their parents? :D 

In Maths we have been rounding to the nearest 10. We were SO impressed with this! They all picked it up really quickly.

We are also focusing on our handwriting, making sure we are forming our letter correctly and beginning to join. We are finding the letter /a/ tricky, if you would like to practise this at home I find these videos very helpful and clear to follow. m


Please ensure fleeces are being worn over the top of the usual jumper/cardigan not instead off. It was cold today, please make sure children have the correct uniform.

Have a good weekend

Miss Gale

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Class 3 Autumn

Hi everyone

Welcome back to Class 3 blog! 

It's been lovely to welcome back a new class 3, with some new and some familar faces. 

I've been so impressed with how well the children transitioned back to school life, with some changes. They have displayed true resillience and have adapted to our new routines. 

In class, we have got stuck into a new book called 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. It's a familar story for some children but it really is brilliant one! Today we pretended that our chairs and water bottles quit because we weren't looking after them properly!

In Maths, we have began looking at place value and explored some simple calculations.

We have also been reading a book called Kindness Grows and thought about how we can help kindness grow at St Ippolyts.

Well done Class 3. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Please note - children require a full outside kit now (it was chilly today!) So navy joggers and a sweatshirt/fleece please. 

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