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Spring 2 Week 3

Hello everyone

It has been a sporty day at school celebrating Sport Relief! The children enjoyed a fantastic sports lesson with Mr Jefferies and Mr Smith and all children also took part in The Daily Mile.

This week we have been practising our times tables with a computer session using Times Table Rock stars and our Turbo Tables test today. Many children have achieved full marks 3 weeks in a row in Turbo Tables and are ready to move to the next challenge, we have also seen some fantastic week on week improvements! Keep it up Class 4!

In English we have continued our work on Moon Man, we have been using persuasive language when writing letters to say whether Moon Man should stay on or leave earth. We also had a debate in class so children could practise their public speaking skills.

Have a nice weekend

Mr Hoar

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Spring 2 Week 3

Over the last week we have been recapping our number bonds to 10 and then to 20. Some children have really got these secure which is helping them in other area. Other children are still struggling to recall these number facts. In class we are having a big push on learning and remembering these for quick recall. Here is a great game that the children can do online and for free. There are a lot of different levels so all children can access this!


In English we have started to think about our own adventure stories - based on our book 'There's a Tiger in the Garden'. We have completed our own story maps and will start to write our sentences over the next few lessons.

In Science we have planted some sunflower seeds! They are just starting to poke through the soil - it is very exciting. 

A quick well done to the Year 1 children who are managing to complete their homework and hand it in on or before the Monday. Some children are really challenging themselves and going above what they are expected to do! All your hard work will help you in school!

Have a good rest of the week!

Mrs Edwards

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Spring 2 - End of Assessments

Sorry for the lack of blog posts but it seemed fitted to add one now as we have finished Assessments! Well done to all of Class 3, they have worked really hard and used all of their learning powers to show me what they know.

We've also been enjoying learning about our new topic - Women of History - the children are very excited and enthuastic to learn about all these influencial women.

The children have also been amazing in RE recently, Mrs Peddie happened to walk through our classroom and was blown away with their recall and understanding of Bible events at this time of year. 

I'm also hearing lots of brilliant feedback from our Swimming Teachers about our Year 3s. They are working really hard and challenging themselves. 

Have a good week!

Miss Gale

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Lent Begins

The first week back starts us off in the period of Lent. Shrove Tuesday saw us taking part in the annual pancake race at school. Great excitement and well done to everyone who took part. Ash Wednesday followed and started the period of Lent. What shall you be giving up?
This year rather than giving something up I have decided to participate in 40 acts of kindness. Stewardship is a Christian organisation which aims to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike to be generous. For some years now, they have run the ’40 Acts’ campaign. Rather than give something up for Lent – chocolate, coffee, TV, etc – people are encouraged to use the period of Lent to give something back. They spend the time being thankful for what they have, and then sharing some of that with others. Class 6 have been keen to find out what my daily acts are, which are emailed each day to me, apart from Sundays. We decided as a class to then think of 40 things we as a class could participate in doing around school, home and within our community. The children have thought carefully about certain acts of kindness and generosity and we shall share how we get on as we progress through Lent.
I will now pass over to Morgan and Sami to give you a summary and highlights of the first week back from their perspective.

This first week back has been a lot of fun and we did A LOT. We first started off with some challenging EMW(Early Morning Work). On Monday Mrs Stewart introduced raffle tickets for finishing work and amazing writing. Then we did English and this term we have started with ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. Have you read it or watched it? We looked at the blurb and focused our attention on what hooks a reader? Narrative devices that are evident within the opening chapters. We studied chapters one and two looking out for dramatic vocabulary, highlighting good punctuation and important information. Later on that day we went to Collective Worship to focus on our new value – ‘Forgiveness’ and to try and relate to biblical passages and understand what this value truly means. We prepared and checked teams for the pancake race after worship.

We all came in very excited to see who would win the pancake race, would it be Miss Ingle and Mr Jefferies in the final again? We set off on our EMW to get our brains thinking this time it was maths. We were set 8 questions, using mental fluency and reasoning, whoever had finished in the time allocated received a raffle ticket. Mr Smith, a little while later came to collect the racers. Who was going to win? Children and staff ran and flipped, ran and flipped, waiting for the exciting moment of who was in the final. Seacole and Faraday, who was going to win...? Faraday after a very close contest had won but everyone cheered and we were all happy. Mrs Stewart awarded a lemon to all the runners up and team members of Faraday a bottle of pancake mix –YUMMY! The afternoon was spent with Mrs Springall learning about Science and PSHE.

Mrs Stewart came in very happy to see how hard we tried on our pieces of English work. At the time a few footballers had gone out to play at Baldock arena, playing against some good teams. After EMW work we had to make a mind map about what we already knew about the character Stanley Yelnats. From this we constructed a paragraph, in a more narrative style. A few members of our class realised that Stanley’s surname was his name backwards, did you spot this palindromic device? After our morning break we came inside and put our thinking caps on ready for maths. In this lesson, percentages and explaining our reasons behind our answers and comparing percentages as well. In the afternoon we started on our new piece of music – Carole King’s ‘You Got a Friend’. Listening and appraising this piece and discussing the composition.

Our first session was P.E. We first got told our new activity for the term and it as basketball. We learnt how to dribble and work on some basic skills. After we played a game to test our skills. Next lesson we were finishing more of our writing from yesterday. Mrs Stewart told us some exciting news...we were going to be starting our food technology for the term by learning to make Scotch pancakes, everyone was so happy. After lunch we set about making the pancakes we had two each and were very nice. Why not try making some at home over the weekend, as the recipe is on our blog page.

Of course this was our Australian Fundraising day. First subject was French with Madame Twomey. We were learning about clothes (vêtements). After that we went to P.E and voted for benchball as the weather was not good outside. During wet play we played games and went on Times Table Rockstars- our favourite. In the afternoon we focused on our RE lesson and got ready for Friday Fellowship. After school the staff had very kindly arranged some fun activities after school.
Overall a bit of a busy week which is normal for life in Class 6.

Morgan and Sami

Picking up from where Morgan and Sami left off you will be able to see the fun we had on the photo gallery and do take time to read the newsletter to find out more. Also on Thursday saw the homework grid for this half term. 5 pieces and lots to choose from. I can’t wait to see what you do!
Next week of course is World Book Day, a day loved by all at St Ippolyts, especially me. As it is assessment week coming up I shall not be sending official homework out but that means you can prioritise by getting organised and completing some grid homework, going regularly on Rockstars/Sam Learning, using your revision cards with your family and enjoying reading for pleasure.
Well done Class 6 for being awarded the first new ‘Rockstars’ certificate. Keep up the good work!
See you soon
Mrs Stewart

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Hatfield House

On Wednesday, Class 5 visited Hatfield House, as part of our History topic on the Tudors. We had the chance to meet Catherine Parr, Henry VIII’s sixth wife. She taught us about what life was like being married to Henry VIII and also how we should greet him. She described Henry as a grumpy man who only cared about himself

Next, we had the opportunity to actually meet him! We had gifts that included a painting, a drink and a bowl of water, (for him to wash his hands in). We also prepared a song to give as a gift.
As part of our visit we also looked around some of the gardens. We took a walk to the Elizabeth Oak which was where Elizabeth I (Henry VIII’s daughter) was told she was going to become Queen.

Overall it was a fantastic trip and I was so impressed with the children’s knowledge and questions they asked.

In Maths, we have been looking at equivalent fractions and how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers.

We have read a few more chapters of our class book, ‘The boy in the back of the class’ and have started planning our refugee story.

Today was Australian fundraiser day, thank you for everyone who brought in cakes for the cake sale. The current total so far is £536.99.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Abbott :)

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