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Spring 2, Week 1

Welcome back from half term everyone and here we are, half way through the academic year already!

We were greeted back from half term with a rather unusual sight in class one: a giant egg and a trail of sandy dinosaur footprints! We decided to create some posters to warn everyone away from the egg, just in case there is a T-rex inside and we also created our own dinosaur inspired clue books. We had to think carefully about using lots of interesting adjectives and in Year One, we were also encouraged to use lots of commas too!

In maths, we have been busy doing lots of counting with coins, including using three coins to create a total. It has been very tricky to remember to write the ‘p’ sign after our answers and we have enjoyed looking at all the different coins too.

In Science, we started to look at the needs of pets and animals and we watched a great video on the RSPCA website about what pets need to thrive. We talked about our own animals at home and Class One have promised to help out with their pets at home; you will have to let us know if they fulfil their promise!

Lastly, in RE, we have begun our Easter topic by thinking about Heaven in the Christian faith. We talked a little about what Heaven is and the children drew what they thought it may look like. Next week, we will begin to think about the story of Palm Sunday.

Reminders/ Other

A big THANK YOU for all of your amazing cakes and donations today for our Australia fundraising day! The children loved all the activities after school and of course all the cakes at break time!

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Scotch Pancakes

Following on from the excitement of Shrove Tuesday Class 6 had the opportunity to have a go at making and tasting  scotch pancakes today as the start of our design technology strand, focusing on food technology.  As you will have seen from the home learning grid I have included a few little tasks linked to this. I shall be sending home a letter soon about what we intend to make each week. 

I did promise to share the recipe that we used today. 

250g self raising flour 

2 large eggs 

300ml of milk

4 tbsp of sugar.

Best to use an electric handwhisk if possible but not necessary. Just ensure you have a smooth batter. 

Hopefully your child should be able to explain the process and how to do the rest. We did plan and shall try to squeeze in the savoury crepes that we also planned but just couldn't manage. Some of us added some blueberries as well. 

Looking forward to our Australian fundraising event tomorrow. 

See you soon Class 6! Off to complete more of day 2 of my 40 Acts for Lent.  

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Times tables

Today class 4 children are coming home with their log in for Times Tables Rock Stars. Many children already have their log ins and are playing regularly but some aren’t. We have made a class commitment that everyone is going to log in and play at least once a week, hopefully more. This is a fun and enjoyable way for the children to learn their tables. Please encourage your child to log in and play regularly.

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New Weekly Homework for Year 1!

As we are now half way through the year, it is time for Year 1 children to start having weekly homework!! This is as well as the home learning grid. Weekly Homework will be given out on a Tuesday, with spellings, and needs to be given back to me to be marked on a Monday morning. Children can choose to hand their work in earlier if they would like. 

Please note, homework should always be completed in pencil. 

This week, spellings will be given out tomorrow.

Mrs Edwards

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Spring 1, Week 6

Happy Wellbeing week everyone! We have had the most fantastic week, thinking all about how to look after our wellbeing and keep happy and healthy. We started the week by reading a book called ‘I am Love’ and we talked about what love meant to us and how everyone in class loves different things. It was lovely to hear the children give such personal responses and think about what makes them unique. On Tuesday, we took part in national Safer Internet Day by reading the book, ‘Smartie the Penguin’, all about a little penguin who gets an IPad for his birthday. Sadly, popups keep coming up on his screen, however he does the right thing and shows a grown-up who can help make sure they go away. We then showed we could be safe on the internet, by using the beebot app and the jit5 website to do some computer coding!

On Wednesday, we thought about being present in the moment and how we could be mindful when we eat. We had a fruit-tasting workshop to think about how we can smell, feel and taste fruit we eat and we even created our own fruit smoothies using some special bicycles with blenders attached to them! Thursday was all about our aspirations and we read a book about unusual jobs that we may like to do when we are older; we learnt about toy-makers and toy-breakers, submarine chefs and elephant dressers and the children had great fun drawing themselves when they grow up! We ended the day with a brilliant Ballet class run my Mrs Hegarty. The children watched a video of both male and female ballet dancers and it was so lovely to watch them all take part and see them all learn some different ballet moves; a big thank you to Mrs Hegarty for kindly giving up her afternoon to come in!

Lastly, today we have been thinking about being active and we had a boot-camp session run by ‘FitKidz’. The children got to use kettlebells, Bosu balls, medicine balls and even battle ropes, it was so much fun!

Enjoy your half term everyone and see you all in a week’s time!

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