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Class 3 - Reminder about Homework and Spelling Books

Reminder about Homework and Spelling books. 

Please note - these should be handed in on Mondays, ready for spelling tests.  We then mark, stick in new spellings and homework ready for the children to take home on Tuesday. 

Please support your child to remember to bring them in as we have had a few occassions now where children don't have the correct spellings or homework and this is because they haven't made it as far as us!

Thank you

(There was no purple book hw last week because of class assembly)

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Spring 1 - Week 5

We have had another busy week in class 5. 

In English, we have been writing our persuasive letters to the Home Secretary. The children have included rhetorical questions, emotive language and flattery. 

In Maths, we looked at grouping and sharing as division strategies and went onto using short division. We will consolidate this next week and work through some division word problems.  

In RE, we studied the stations of the cross and discussed who we thought was responsible for Jesus' death.

On Wednesday afternoon, 4 members of class 5 took part in a maths challenge. There were 4 different rounds involving estimation, memory and reasoning questions. The children did really well scoring an overall 115 points. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Abbott

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First News!

As mentioned in last week's blog and as promised two class members have written their account of the week to add to the blog. Amber and Ameena have worked collaboratively and I shall post their edition after the few bits I have. 

I have spoken with the children and all should have a folder of two things that I will be putting as homework - mental arithmetic and 60 second reads with comprehension questions. We have spoken a great deal about how we need to get ourselves organised and that includes about how we share out tasks during the week. I have also explained and modelled the expectations to them as well.  The children are aiming to be more responsible for their activites and this will also help prepare them for moving on in the future. If any problems we can share these on Monday 10th when I shall be seeing you all for the Yr 6 parent appointment. As many of you know me I shall try to keep to the 10 min appointment slots as best as I can. 

Next week is of course wellbeing week, as you will have seen from the newsletter. An exciting week ahead and also a busy one for the members of Class 6 who are part of Wellbeing Crew but I know they will be very supportive to Miss Gale. From the nurses visit just last week a really good website was recommended to the children which was www.healthforkids.co.uk. 

Hope to see you all on Monday and do remember it is for both parent and child. Have a great week and now over to the girls for their section. 

On Monday this week, in Geography we were looking at a coastal disaster from a few years ago. The Holbeck Hotel disaster, where we found a garden was there and the following day was gone alongside the East Wing of the hotel. Coastal erosion can be a huge problem as we saw. We took the opportunity to write a news report or write a letter of complaint to the council to see who was to blame for such a terrible incident. 

On Tuesday we were looking at micro-organisms and have started preparing for a science investigation based on 'What does yeast like to eat?'

We did a variety of maths, comprehension and english today. In maths this took to a SATs style paper. This was not assessment week but should get us ready for it after half term. The more familiar we are the better the mindset for learning and if we have any gaps we can get some support. 

On Thursday this week in R.E we had to compare Good Friday and Easter Sunday hymns. We listened to a range of them; some we knew and others were new. From the lyrics we had to suggest why they were sung on certain days or times of the service. We also spoke about different denominations within Christianity and what we could identify from pictures. 

We watched a short film today entitled' Lighthouse'. This was appropriate since we have been working on coastal geography and also reading Kensuke's Kingdom. A lot of our written learning took place around a journalistic feel. Not only this but identifying informal and formal language, direct speech and report writing (headlines and orientations).

Reminder parents evening on Monday!

By Amber and Ameena

Thank you to Class 6 for a great week and see you on Monday and the last week before half term. 

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Spring 1 Week 5

Class two children have written some fantastic retellings of our story book this week, Whatever Next! They have thoroughly enjoyed using a story map to learn the plot and remember the order. A lot of children have worked hard on their letter fromation and their writing is unrecognisable! We have also thought a lot about time words this week - next, then, after etc. 

In Maths we have been learning the Days of the Week and Months of the year - most children know these now but any extra learning they can do at home to secure these would be fab. Similarly, we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Anything extra to embed this would be great. We have also recapped the equals sign and what this means. All children having been writing basic algerbraic number sentences eg. 3 + 4 = 5 + 2 - amazing! 

Home Learning has been flooding in this week and our display is getting very full! You still have next week to get in your pieces - it would be great if every child could stand and show their work in collective worship at the end of term! They will also be able to collect their housepoints for it. 

Just a quick note - some children have been playing very roughly outside in our outdoor area, at play and at lunchtimes. This is not approproate for school and has caused inguries to children who are younger. Please can you have a chat with your child about sensible choices at play and lunchtimes. 

Have a good weekend, 

Mrs Edwards

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Spring 1 Week 5


In English Class 4 have spent time writing and editing poems about The Moon. They had to include personification, rhyme, similes and metaphors. The poems are beautiful and ready for display.

We have learnt about the water cycle in science today, children have written detailed descriptions using scientific language and processes to describe what happens.

In PE we have continued to develop our gymnastic skills using jumps, balances and rolls. In maths we have been ordering and comparing decimal numbers with great success.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Hoar

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