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Various blogs from St Ippolyts C.E. Primary School.

Class 3, Spring Week 5

Wow! What a fantastic class assembly - I am so proud of all of your hard work and it was a joy to watch you enjoy your moment. 

We've had a busy week, mostly preparring for our class assembly. But, we have also learnt about Nelson Mandela and written our our own biographies after collecting facts. 

In Maths, we have consolidated column subtraction and moved onto word problems and reasoning using sharing. Today we created our own missing number quizzes and challenged a partner.  

In RE, we looked at things churches do and discussed the reasons why they do them, we decided which we think are the most important things through discussions in small groups. This was a great opportunity to develop our discussion skills and being able to agree to disagree when someone has a different opinion to your own. 

We have finished off our Safari topic today - with our class assembly so we're looking forward to Wellbeing Week next week with our English work being focused on the book 'Kindness grows' 

Well done Class 3 - you are awesome!

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Spring 1, Week 5

This week in Class One we have been thinking all about instructions! We have been very busy making toast for Hansel and Gretel and porridge for the 3 bears, making sure we number each step and also use lots of bossy verbs! The children had to be very specific with their instructions to make sure the teachers didn’t go wrong and they have written some fantastic instructions in class! In number work, we have been counting up in jumps of 2 and 10 and have been using our detective skills to see what patterns we can spot on our 100 squares. Test us at home to see how good we are!

In physical development, we have been creating a fairy-tale dance to ‘I need a hero’ from Shrek 2; we had to listen carefully to see how the music got faster and slower and work well with a partner to coordinate our moves. We also carried on our theme of ‘instructions’ into some technology activities and we learnt all about algorithms! Despite being a very big word, we learnt that this simply means ‘giving an instruction’ and we have been using our little class bee-bots to code some real devices and navigate them around mazes. We also used the ‘beebot’ app on the IPads which is free to download, if you would like to add it to your IPads at home.

Next week is our school’s ‘Wellbeing Week’ so we have lots of fun things planned and visitors coming in to teach the children.  The themes for each day are as follows:

Monday is all about friendships with others,

Tuesday is about using computers and IPads safely and ignoring pop-ups,

Wednesday is about being mindful and present in the moment,

Thursday is for thinking of our aspirations and goals and

Friday is about being active and healthy!

Information will be coming out next week each day as to exactly what we have been learning about and it will give you some ideas for activities you can do with us at home.

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Ingle and all of Class One!

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Question Time in Class 6

It always fascinates me how many questions we must cover in a week in class. Last week somewhat more than others as we had the chance to interview Rev'd Ginni about our current RE big question - Why is the resurrection so important to Christians? Over the last few lessons we have been gathering evidence, hearing various people give their views, reading texts, looking at the Gospels and generally being detectives, to help us come to our own verdict from the evidence. Rev'd Ginni loved being with the children and was really impressed by the level of respect that was shown amongst one another whilst discussing points made. Some of the questions being quite complex and in depth. Rev'd Ginni will be visiting us again before the end of term for another session, which we are looking forward too and getting ready for. 

In Maths we moved to looking at angles last week. Firstly, it was important to ensure that prior knowledge was secure before adding more on top. We then moved onto various styles of questions to gather information and that is why some of the SAM learning homework task have been based on this. Some of the diagrams started to be quite complex and it meant we had to use our learnig powers and ask ourselves- what do we notice? 

Speaking of homework I set this week's tasks in homework club with the children, talking with quite a few as it was set and getting their views on how it is going. I was also able to assist those with any technical problems. I was pleased to find children taking responsibility for their own learning which had just been discussed prior to club with a visit from PHASE. 

This is the second visit from PHASE, a group of adults who work alongside young people and schools in Hitchin promoting wellbeing and resilience. The session was - GET SET. They discussed with the children about the three R's - resilience, responsibility and role model. The tasks were great fun and the children were given a small booklet to fill in which they can keep. I found this session extremely interesting as it gave them the task to use a timetable to organise and prioritise a week full of tasks to be completed. As I have explained before, these are all skills which we cover in Class 6, as well as the learning to ensure the children are set before moving on later in the year. We also touch upon this at the parent appointments on the 10th Feb. 

As you may have seen from the weekly newsletter, you can sign up for an appointment at tomorrows open session. If you are unable to attend please do get in contact to see availablity and times. Having the children at this appointment is important as they get the chance to be part of the partnership of learning, feel calm and prepared for what lies ahead of them.  

Last week also saw non-fiction writing in English, classification using the Linneaus approach, our sessions of PE, writing more Garageband tracks, looking at where we live (in French) and small group reading comprehension skills- using a range of texts. Just a small amount of things to cover so now you can see why I said about the number of questions in a week. 

We shall be trying something as of next week in Class 6, so do look out for the next blog. Each week two members of the class shall be given the task(responsibility), at the beginning of the week, of working collaboratively gathering information to write the blog for publication at the end of the week. I shall be part of it but it is another opportunity for them to write for a purpose. 

Congratulations also to those of the netball team winning 14-6 against Knebworth. I did enjoy spending time outside with some year 6 at lunch, even if I were a little rusty. Also members of Young Worship remember your Collective Worship this Thursday.

See you all tomorrow. Remember spellings and any problems with SAM learning to come and see me.  

Mrs Stewart

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Spring Week 4 - Class 3

We've had a busy week as we have begun rehearsals for our class assembly!

We have finished our writing about Lila and The Secret of the Rain and begun learning about Nelson Mandela from his biography - Walk to Freedom. 

In Maths, we have continued to learn about column subtraction. We have found this tricky when we need to regroup so we will continue to practise...

In Science, we went on a minibeast hunt! Looking for them in their microhabitats.

Please do practise class assembly lines - these need to be known off by heart as soon as possible. This is instead of normal purple book homework!

Have a good weekend

Miss Gale

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Spring 1 Week 4

Hello everyone

Well done Class 4 for your amazing class assembly! You were all fantastic and I am very proud of you all!

We worked hard planning and writing our volcano stories this week. I am sure they will be amazing! We also completed 3 science investigations thinking about condensation, evaporation, melting and freezing. The children had great fun.

Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs Hoar

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