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Autumn 2 Week 1

Well, we've come back with a bang! 

Very proud of all of Class 3 this week. They have had excellent behaviour and very positive attitudes towards their work... In Maths we have moved onto written subtraction. In English we have started our new book Owen & The Solider. They did fantastic big writes today about Owen and we did a lot of work about 'better words' synoyms for our adjectives. We also learnt how to use expanded noun phrases... I wonder if they could tell you?

Well done Class 3, keep it up! 

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Autumn 2, Week 1

Welcome back everyone, we hope you have all had a restful and happy half term last week. This week in Class One, we have been learning all about fireworks! We began the week with a journey back in time, 400 years ago where we met a rather scary character.... Guy Fawkes! The children loved finding out some child friendly facts about the Gunpowder Plot and took great pleasure in acting out the story, complete with a Guy, King James and some soldiers. Ask us about the Gunpowder Plot at home, to see what we can remember.

As well as our history learning, we have also been using our art skills this week, using printing techniques to make some beautiful firework pictures. We look forward to you seeing some of these soon during Family Week and Parents Evening.

Thank you also to everyone who donated towards our school skipathon. The children had such great fun today and we managed as a school to complete over 22,000 skips today! Stay tuned on the school website to see our total raised and which house-team won the most skips today!


If you haven’t already seen, have a look on google classroom to see our first home-learning task of the year. Simply log on and look on the class one page under ‘home-learning’ to read what you have to do.

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Autumn 1, Week 8

This week we have been thinking about the police in Class One, as part of our ‘People who help us’ topic. We have had such good fun this week designing our own police badges, shields, police ID cards, handcuffs and police hats in play and learn and the Year One children have drawn and labelled some fantastic pictures of all the things that the police need to carry with them to do their jobs. We enjoyed reading the story of ‘what the ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson, all about two robbers who try to steal a prize cow from a farm. We even had our own mystery in Class One on Thursday when lots of the Class One toys went missing….the class quickly came to the conclusion that it was ‘The Evil Pea’, a super villain from the Supertato Books by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra; luckily the Class One detectives had the great idea to make WANTED posters to capture him! Luckily our posters worked and the pea was caught today in Class One along with an apology note and even some stickers for us all to apologise! It was so lovely to see the children so motivated to learn and engaged in the story; they certainly have some great imaginations!

We ended our police week with a lovely surprise…. A virtual lesson from areal life police-man! A HUGE thank you to Mr Martin for arranging this for the class, it really bought the children’s learning to life and the children absolutely loved being able to ask their questions to a real police-man!


  • Last week parents were asked to look for badges at home for our Friday Fellowship (badge assembly). Sadly we have had no more back and are now missing 5 badges from Class One. As a result we were unable to take part this week and only 1/3 children were able to receive a badge which was obviously very sad for them. PLEASE can we have badges back after half term….we are willing to award house points for anyone who can return a lost badge! Thank you.
  • After half term, we are lucky enough to have our amazing university student Miss Wenlock joining us again. Miss Wenlock is currently in her second year of teacher training and worked in Class One last year, although had to cut her placement short due to school closures. We can’t wait to have her back, you will all get to meet her at the school gate at drop-offs and home-times!
  • SWAP TIME! Today children are bringing home their PE kits and pencil cases for half term. As you may expect from our first half term at school, there are likely to be lots of items swapped/ in the wrong bags so please do use any WhatsApp parents groups etc to swap back over the half term! A reminder too that all children should have both an indoor and outdoor PE kit in their bags (trainers for outdoors, plimsolls for indoors) and all items should be named. Pencil case items should still be in good condition, however it may be that glue sticks need replenishing or pencils topped up. Please ensure that there are no pens in children’s pencil cases in Class One. Thank you in advance.

Lastly a huge thank you to you all for your promptness at the gate this term and for your continued support. Have a restful half term all of you and see you all on Monday November 2nd!

Miss Ingle and the Class One team.

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Autumn 1 Week 8

Week 8?! How could it possibly be! 

Well done to all of my lovely new class, you have shown so much resillience coming back to school but I'm sure you are ready for a break.

We have already learnt so much this term and seen how the children have enjoyed the challenges. 

I hope you all have a lovely break and stay safe,

Miss Gale

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Class 5 & 6 amazing art

Classes 5 and 6 have been learning about Black History Month and have done this incredible collaborative picture of Nelson Mandela as part of their topic. There are more pictures in the gallery. 

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