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At St Ippolyts School we follow the principles of Guy Claxton’s ‘Building Learning Power’ (BLP) approach.

Building Learning Power (BLP) is exactly what it suggests.  It relates to the characteristics of effective learning, to our self-awareness as learners and our ability to ‘learn to learn’ and to continue to build our learning skills.  It develops the knowledge that we can continually improve how we learn regardless of age, situation, gender or any other false boundary that tries to hinder our progress.  in school we often refer to it as practising using a muscle to develop strength, the 'learning muscles'.

BLP gives us a common language to talk about learning and help us make explicit the various skills that enable us to learn.

In a quickly changing world, it is no longer enough to teach our children facts or chunks of knowledge alone.  Instead we need to give them the skills they need to face challenges, solve problems, develop resilience and to interact with others.  At St Ippolyts School we believe in giving our children these skills, teaching how to learn alongside the necessary academic, physical and social skills.

In each of our classrooms we display a Building Learning Power board and these boards are encouraging children to use phrases such as ‘not giving up’, ‘making links’ or ‘managing distractions’.  As such we have designed booklets for parents and carers to provide more information about BLP to further develop our home-school partnerships and to enable parents and carers to talk with their child about not just what they have been learning, but how.

The four Learning Powers are

  • Resilience

  • Resourcefulness

  • Reflectiveness

  • Reciprocity (which we are calling ‘Relationships’)

To find out more visit www.buildinglearningpower.com


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Download this file (BLP mat.pdf)Learning Powers mat[ ]307 kB
Download this file (St Ipps BLP resilience.pdf)Resilience[ ]505 kB
Download this file (St Ipps BLP resourcefulness.pdf)Resourcefulness[ ]407 kB
Download this file (St Ipps BLP reflectiveness.pdf)Reflectiveness[ ]441 kB
Download this file (St Ipps BLP relationships.pdf)Relationships[ ]485 kB

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