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We urge parents NOT to remove their children from school for term time holidays.


Such absences are damaging to a child’s learning as they can miss vital teaching of new concepts which can affect their progress significantly. If parent wish to apply for authorised holiday absence there is a form to be completed not less than four weeks before the proposed absence. Forms are available from the school office or can be downloaded below.


Requests for holiday absence in term time will only be granted in wholly exceptional or compassionate circumstances. All other requests will be classified as unauthorised absence which will be recorded on the child’s school records and end of year report. If a parent repeatedly removes their child from school for holidays, the family will be referred to the school Attendance Improvement Officer who may ultimately take further action.


The Department for Education states that absence for holidays in term time due to the following reasons should not be authorised:


availability of cheap holidays

availability of desired accommodation

poor weather experienced in the school holiday period

overlap with beginning of terms

holidays booked before checking with the school

day trips


There are certain times of the year when a child may experience problems because of missing school.  These include assessment periods, at the time of starting a new school or class and at the start of a new school term, particularly in September.  In deciding whether to authorise your child’s absence and give permission for a holiday in term time, the school will take these and other factors into account.


This approach is shared with other schools in the area, please see the letter below from the Hitchin Headteachers Consortium.



Ongoing poor attendance is a factor often linked to low levels of academic success. Many pupils have difficulty maintaining friendships if they have long or numerous periods of absence.


Learning hours lost

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